Westfield Firefighters Save Two Homes From Storm

Flames bursting through a home today at 16127 Etna Green in Westfield.

Flames bursting through a home today at 16127 Etna Green in Westfield.

Westfield firefighters saved two homes after storms rolled through the city.  Around five this afternoon, a family at 16127 Etna Green were sitting at home when they heard a loud bang.  At first, they thought the sound was nothing more than nearby thunder from the passing storm.  Soon though, the family smelled smoke while a neighbor was banging on their front door.  They quickly left the house and dialed 9-1-1.Within a few minutes, Westfield firefighters arrived with flames shooting through the entire roof and impinging on two nearby homes.  They jumped into action—pushing back the flames approaching these two neighbors’ houses.  At the same time, they began extinguishing the roof fire.  Due to the extreme danger—with two separate wall collapses inside the home—firefighters fought the blaze from outside the home.

“Firefighters saved two homes tonight and made sure everyone was safe,” said John Barrett, fire department spokesperson.  “This is true testament to the tireless job they do every single day.”

After the structure of the home was deemed safe, firefighters continued their fight inside the home.  It took firefighters nearly an hour to gain full control of the fire.  This fire was one of seven lightning strikes, Westfield firefighters responded to this evening.  Investigators determined the cause of the fire was a lightning strike to the home and damages were estimated at a quarter million dollars.  Firefighters from Carmel, Noblesville, and Sheridan all helped Westfield this evening.  Everyone made it out of the home safe and no firefighters were injured.


6 thoughts on “Westfield Firefighters Save Two Homes From Storm

  1. I live in one of the houses that you saved. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your service means to me. Do you guys like brownies?

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