No Injuries After Truck Smashes into Westfield Home


WESTFIELD, Ind.—Westfield firefighters are currently working rebuild a home’s walls after a truck smashed into it. At about 8 this evening, residents at 129 Coatsville Dr heard a loud bang as they were in the living room. At the other end of the house a Ford pick-up had smashed into a front bedroom—no one was in the room. They immediately went outside and checked on the driver who said he was uninjured.

Firefighters and medical crews arrived shortly after and went to work. The driver was checked by paramedics and released on the scene.

Specially trained tactical rescuers from Westfield and Fishers arrived and began rebuilding the wall. They expect to be at the home for at least another hour and the residents will be staying with family overnight.


Cub Scout Becoming a Firefighter

After visiting the fire station this week, a young Cub Scout went home and readied his gear–a pair of jeans and sneakers.  Here’s a picture of his gear all ready to go.565375_449698358427723_695112227_n