Westfield Home A Blaze from Space Heater

WESTFIELD, Ind.—A space heater set fire to a Westfield home this morning at 14605 Little Eagle Creek Avenue.  Shortly after midnight, an elderly man was watching television noticed smoke coming from a front room.  He jumped up, made his alarm panel, and hit the panic button.  Smoke detectors blared and he got out of the house.

Firefighters rushed to the home and found flames busting through first floor windows.  They quickly went into action—fighting the blaze with water.  With the fire almost out, firefighters soon found flames jumping into void spaces.  These spaces caused by numerous renovations and older construction made it extremely difficult for firefighters

The elderly man is staying with neighbors overnight and the American Red Cross is assisting, as well.  He was also treated by paramedics and released without going to the hospital.  The damage is estimated at $50,000.  Firefighters from Westfield, Carmel, Sheridan, Zionsville, and Perry Township assisted with the blaze.


Odorant Leak At Vectren’s Sheridan Station Causing Natural Gas Odor in Westfield

This afternoon Vectren Energy Delivery’s (Vectren) odorant supplier overfilled the odorant tank at Vectren’s Sheridan Regulator Station located in Westfield near US 31 and 156th St. The overfilling of the odorant caused excessive pressure to build up in the tank and odorant to leak out of the fittings. The station is located in a rural area just northwest of Carmel, and has been the cause of several gas odor calls to the fire department this evening.

Crews are currently working to relieve the excessive pressure from the tank and mask the odor. The supplier will return tomorrow to install a mechanism to drain the excess odorant and permanently resolve the matter.

While this odor is traveling through the air in this area, it is important for customers who believe they may have a natural gas leak in their home to leave the home immediately and call Vectren at 800-227-1376 or 911.

We’re Hiring!

Want to make a difference in your community?  Then, consider applying to be a Westfield firefighter.  And even better, we’ve recently combined forces with Carmel and Noblesville to offer one application process for all three fire departments.

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