High Winds, Hurricane Sandy, and your Safety

Hurricane Sandy is expected to reach the Jersey shore later this evening. With it, wind gusts up to 50 mph will blow through Westfield and Indianapolis starting this afternoon. Here are some quick safety tips to keep your family safe:


  • Keep both hands on the wheel
  • Watch for objects blowing across the road
  • Keep a safe distance from cars in adjacent lanes, as strong gusts could push a car outside its lane
  • Take extra care in high-profile vehicles such as trucks, vans, SUVs, or when towing a trailer, as these are more prone to being pushed or flipped by high winds

Power Lines

  • Report downed power lines by calling 9-1-1 or your utility company
  • Avoid anything that may be touching downed lines, including vehicles or tree branches
  • If a line falls on your car, stay inside the vehicle.  Do not touch any part of the metal frame of your vehicle.
  • Honk your horn, roll down the window and warn anyone who may approach of the danger.  Ask someone to call 9-1-1
  • Do not exit the car until help arrives, unless it catches on fire.  In this case, to exit, open the door, but do not step out.  Jump without touching any of the metal portions of the car’s exterior, and quickly get to safe ground.

Patio Furniture & Holiday Decorations

  • Consider bringing patio furniture inside your home or garage–wind gusts could cause these items to damage your home.
  • Consider brining hoiday decorations such as pumkins inside during the next two days.

Source: Nellis Air Force Base


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