Westfield Family Narrowly Escapes Truck Smashing into Home

A truck smashed into a home at 16259 Countryside Blvd in Westfield early this morning.

WESTFIELD, Ind.—A family narrowly escaped serious injury when a car smashed into their home at 16259 Countryside Blvd. Around midnight, a father had just sat down on his couch when he heard a noise coming from outside. Suddenly, his bookcase began shaking and a pick-up truck slammed through the wall. Debris flew into his living room. The truck then hit the couch and abruptly stopped. The man yelled up to his wife who was with their child upstairs—both were safe. His wife called 911 immediately and all got out of the home.

Westfield firefighters arrived shortly after and jumped into action. The vehicle had made it halfway into the home. Firefighters worked to free the trapped driver while paramedics made sure the residents were okay. Within 7 minutes, crews had the driver out and into medical care—he was released without going to the hospital. The family inside also made it out unscathed.

“While this was a tragic night for our Westfield family, we are so fortunate no one was seriously injured,“ said John Barrett spokesperson for the fire department.“

Firefighters spent the next hour or so rebuilding the demolished wall so the family could get back inside. They finished their work, jumped back into their fire trucks, and headed home.


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