28 People Displaced After Morning Apartment Fire

WESTFIELD, Ind.—An early morning apartment fire has left 28 people out of their homes this morning at 17350 Bigleaf Maple Boulevard in the Maple Knoll apartment community.  Sheenahn Property Management, who own and operate the community, and the American Red Cross are currently helping these people find a place to stay and recover from the fire.


While storms were rolling through Westfield at seven this morning, a person was startled out of his sleep to the sound of a thunder.  The thunder seemed closer than he’d ever heard before and got out of bed.  He walked to his furnace area and saw smoke billowing out.  Instinct took over–he grabbed his dog and called 911 while getting out of the apartment.   At the same time, firefighters at the nearby fire station heard the boom too.  Alarms in the apartment began alerting other residents and the on-site maintenance staff began evacuating.  Due to an alarm problem in another building the night before, staff were already onsite.  Fortunately, this meant that everyone got out safe today.

“While this is definitely tragic and we’re doing everything we can to help, we are so fortunate that no one was hurt or injured today,” said John Barrett spokesperson for the fire department.

Firefighters arrived and jumped into action– getting everyone out safe.  At the same time, other crews began attacking the third floor fire.  Firefighters soon realized they were chasing a fire in the attic and started the tedious process of finding the main blaze–something that took nearly 30 minutes.  Firefighters then quickly put water on the fire.  At 8:15 a.m., these crews marked the blaze out and began helping residents deal with the tragedy.

Firefighters from Indianapolis, Noblesville, Zionsville, and Sheridan all assisted Westfield this morning.  In all, the city was extremely busy from storm related calls–a total of six possible lightening strikes.


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