Visiting the Fire Station



Before heading out to a competition in Illinois, a 10-year-old kid visited the fire station and got a surprise.  Brayden “the  Dragon” Esposito drove our newest fire truck–although it never moved–and then turned the lights on.  We hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend!


Splash into Pool Safety

Make a splash into your community pool this weekend before it closes for the summer.  It’s sure to be fun!  Let’s remember to keep this weekend safe and injury free.

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Local Heroes Fire Up Community

WESTFIELD, Ind.— Hamilton County Professional Firefighters Local 4416 will be out in full force on September 1 as they hit Chick-Fil-A in Westfield for their annual Fill the Boot Drive for MDA. The community can make a donation to help fund research and services for local children and adults battling neuromuscular diseases.

Hamilton County Firefighters have raised over $118,000 in the last decade alone. Summer camp is just one of the many services MDA offers to local families battling muscle disease The donations collected by the Firefighters will also help fund local clinics and support groups as well as fund vital research aimed at treatments and cures for neuromuscular disease.

MDA is the largest private funder of muscle and nerve disease research. It dedicates more than 78% of every dollar it spends directly to services, research and education. The Association covers over 40 diseases, including spinal muscular atrophy, myasthenia gravis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Westfield Firefighters Make Birthday Special

Over the weekend, Westfield firefighters made a little boy’s dream come true when they surprised him on his birthday.  Zach, the birthday boy, was white eyed and all smiles when the shiny red fire truck arrived on his doorstep.

The firefighters spent the afternoon giving tours of their truck, trying on gear, and teaching the children about fire safety.

“It was an amazing experience for everyone at the party!’ said Jenni King, Zach’s mother.

On that note, the firefighters also really enjoyed making his day special–it’ll definitely be a day to remember for everyone.

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Firefighters Launch “Keep the Children Safe Campaign”


WESTFIELD, Ind.–This morning, Westfield firefighters and police officers launched their annual keep the children safe campaign.  Firefighters from every firehouse stationed themselves at school entrances across the city.  Their hope is to bring awareness to drivers and in return keep our children safe.

“The safety of our kids is paramount to what we do as firefighters,” said Scott Wolfe, one of two firefighters who developed the program last year.   “We’re just trying to alert drivers and help keep these kids safe from danger.”

The awareness campaign began last year when firefighters Jason Maners and Scott Wolfe developed the program.  It coincides with the first day of school and is welcomed by the community.




Westfield Firefighters Save Home

Westfield firefighters saved a home from disaster this evening.

WESTFIELD, Ind.—Westfield firefighters saved a home from disaster tonight.  It was around 6 p.m. when a neighbor noticed smoke coming from 335 E 206th Street and called 9-1-1.  Firefighters rushed to the house from all parts of the city.  Once there, firefighters went to extinguish the fire.  While inside crews split up–one searching for people and the other for the fire.  Firefighters had the fire under control shortly later and search crews found no one inside.  After it was safe to go in, investigators began searching for the cause of the fire but have yet to determine how it began.