Storms Roll Through Westfield

WESTFIELD, Ind.—Westfield firefighters were busy this evening as storms rolled through the city.  Firefighters were called to four locations related to the weather, while also responding to a medical incident.  Luckily tonight, there were no injuries and no serious damage to property.  A summary of these events are below.

1. 14913 Mayfield Drive (Home)—Lightening Strike—This is a confirmed lightning strike to the garage area.  There was a hole in the roof and damage to the rafters.  We covered the hole with plastic and marked in-service.


2. 3724 Riddell Lane (Home)—Fire Alarm—Investigated and found nothing.


3.  2009 E Greyhound Pass (Five Guys Burgers)—Fire Alarm—Investigated and found nothing.  The store had a loss of power during the storms that contributed to the alarm activation.


4.  Assist—Noblesville Fire



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