Gas Main Break Spurs Evacuation

WESTFIELD, Ind.—A gas leak at the Brookside subdivision spurred an evacuation of nearby homes today.  Westfield firefighters were called to 3910 Chancellors Court when a contractor accidentally struck a 2-inch gas main on a home under construction.  Firefighters immediately shut down access to the roadway and evacuated a few homes for safety.  They continued to monitor the leak—protecting nearby homes with hoses and monitoring air quality.

A gas leak spurred the evacuation of nearby homes today in Westfield.

Vectren Gas arrived shortly after, but needed additional crews to fix the leak.  These additional crews would arrive within two hours and correct the problem.   Firefighters then deemed the area safe, began allowing people back to their homes, and reopened the roadway.  Vectren Gas will remain at the home for a few hours to complete repairs.


ATV Accident Sends One to Hospital

WESTFIELD, Ind.—An ATV accident sends one person to the hospital. Firefighters and paramedics were called to 18160 US 31 N at the Tractor Supply company earlier this evening.

Because the accident was off the road, additional all-terrain trucks were called to assist and the patient was then taken non-emergent to a local area hospital by ambulance.

Storms Roll Through Westfield

WESTFIELD, Ind.—Westfield firefighters were busy this evening as storms rolled through the city.  Firefighters were called to four locations related to the weather, while also responding to a medical incident.  Luckily tonight, there were no injuries and no serious damage to property.  A summary of these events are below.

1. 14913 Mayfield Drive (Home)—Lightening Strike—This is a confirmed lightning strike to the garage area.  There was a hole in the roof and damage to the rafters.  We covered the hole with plastic and marked in-service.


2. 3724 Riddell Lane (Home)—Fire Alarm—Investigated and found nothing.


3.  2009 E Greyhound Pass (Five Guys Burgers)—Fire Alarm—Investigated and found nothing.  The store had a loss of power during the storms that contributed to the alarm activation.


4.  Assist—Noblesville Fire


Westfield Extends Burn Ban Through September 7

Triple digit temperatures disappeared this week, but the danger has not.  A lack of rain still means conditions are ripe for rapidly growing outside fires.

Lieutenant Steve Lamp, left, and Firefighter Don Anderson, right, spray water on a mulch bed after a fire yesterday. The extremely dry weather means firefighters are called out to an increasing amount of fires.

Because of these dangers, the Westfield City Council extended the open burn and personal fireworks ban through September 7, 2012.

The open burn ban prohibits all outside burns including campfires and agricultural burning.  People are allowed to use their grill for cooking, but are advised to move their grills away from grass and dry vegetation.

Westfield Family All Smiles

Today, firefighters gave a special tour to a Westfield family. All five of the Foley’s jumped on the truck and learned everything they could about firefighting.  Then, donning new firefighter helmets, they grabbed the fire hose and began spraying water.  When all was done, they were drenched head-to-toe and grinning ear-to-ear.

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West Nile Virus Found in Westfield

The Hamilton County Health Department (HCHD) conducts mosquito surveillance throughout the county.  Mosquitoes collected in Westfield recently tested positive for West Nile Virus:

Reported Date: 7/6/2012
Collected Date: 6/19/2012
Location: Asa Bales Park, 181st St. & US 31, Westfield

When WNV positive mosquitoes are found, the HCHD conducts truck – mounted spraying within a one – mile buffer area of the collection site. This will take place from approximately 9:00pm – 1:00am on July 10th, 2012 in the following areas:

The area bordered by Dartown Rd. on the west, 191st St. on the north, Grassy Branch on the east, and 171st St. on the south.

During dry years such as this, elimination of artificial breeding sites (tires, kiddie pools, flower pots, bird baths) is especially important because they tend to be the only available breeding sites left and they disproportionately breed disease – carrying mosquitoes.