Student Rides to School in Style with Firefighters

This morning, Elizabeth Ford, 13, rode to school in style.  Firefighters picked Elizabeth up at home for her 13th birthday and drove her to the Westfield Intermediate School in their fire truck.  The grand arrival at school came with bells and whistles blaring as firefighters lit up the sky with their lights and got some attention with their sirens.

Elizabeth Ford, front, and Anneka Black, back, hop out of the fire truck on their way to the Westfield Intermediate School today.

Today’s ride is part of an ongoing program for Westfield firefighters.  The fire department partners with local charities and community organizations donating rides for fundraisers and silent auctions.

“Our community gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride in a fire truck and we get to give back to local charities–it’s just a great program for our community and for us,” said John Barrett fire department spokesperson.

From left to right, Anneka Black, Elizabeth Ford, Joe Ford, M Marinelle Ford, and Ryan Ford celebrate Elizabeth’s 13th birthday with a ride to school on the fire truck.

Along with Elizabeth, her friend Anneke Black, 12, got to share the experience, as well.  And when all is said and done, it’ll definitely be a birthday to remember.



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