Westfield Firefighters Recognized for Service

Here Chaplin Dan Klingensmith, right, receives the community service award from Fire Chief Todd Burtron.

WESTFIELD, Ind.—Tonight, firefighters from the Westfield Fire Department were recognized for their dedication and service to their community.  The event—a semiannual recognition banquet—was made possible by generous donations from the community and local businesses.

In addition to these donations, members of community attended the event to thank firefighters.  Mayor Cook and members of the city council were also honored guests for the evening.

“I’m very proud of our firefighters,” said Mayor Cook.  “And, on behalf of the citizens of Westfield, I want to say thank you for the commitment and compassion you have for this community.  The work you do is so important and our citizens are grateful.”

Chaplin Dan Klingensmith was recognized for his tireless dedication to community service.  He is well known as a pillar of strength inside the walls of the Westfield Fire Department.  In addition to helping firefighters deal with the job’s stressors, Chaplin Klingensmith can often be seen consoling citizens after a loss of a loved one.

Firefighters Scott Wolfe and Josh Southerland were also recognized for their community service.  Wolfe just last year orchestrated a city-wide effort to support a child battling cancer.  And, Southerland drove an elderly man all the way to Nebraska so he could be with his wife who was seriously ill.

Other awards included the Distinguished Service Medal given to the maintenance division and Officer of the Year given to Lieutenant Adam Klingensmith.


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