Westfield Home A Blaze from Space Heater


WESTFIELD, Ind.—An early morning fire wrecked havoc on a Westfield family as they watched their home go up in flames.  Fortunately for this family, everyone escaped unharmed.  The message is clear: smoke detectors save lives.

The fire began in a bedroom where a space heater was dangerously close to flammable materials.  The heat from the space heater melted a nearby trash can that began a trickle effect causing the fire spread throughout the house.  As the fire began to spread, smoke detectors alerted people in the home.  Immediately, they got out of the home, made it to safety, and called 911.  It were these smoke detectors—piercing loud and startling—that saved these Westfield residents today.

Firefighters arrived shortly after and found part of the home engulfed in flames.  Jumping into action, these crews began battling the blaze that had spread from the bedroom into the main section of the home.  After extinguishing the main fire, firefighters realized fire was also hidden between void spaces in the house.  The void spaces were caused by the multiple additions made to the home throughout the years.  These additions made it difficult for firefighters who worked tirelessly to fully extinguish the fire.

Today’s fire is a reminder of the dangers of space heaters.  “I just can’t stress this enough,” said John Barrett spokesperson for the fire department.  “You need to unplug or turn off portable heaters when you go to sleep—it could save your life.”  With an estimated 25,000 residential fires and 300 deaths every year associated to space heaters, it is extremely important to take proper safety precautions.  Fortunately, today, these Westfield residents didn’t become part of the statistic.

Firefighters from Westfield, Noblesville, and Carmel all battled the blaze this morning that was fully extinguished around 4:30 this morning.  A Carmel firefighter was injured during battle when he fell, but was treated and released on the scene.


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