Westfield Schools and Firefighters Coordinate Tornado Drill

WESTFIELD, Ind.— On Wednesday, March 21 the Westfield Washington Schools will participate in the statewide tornado drill. Alongside the Schools, the Westfield Fire Department will assist school administrators with the exercise. This partnership will help both first responders and students better prepare for a disaster.

“Our students’ safety is our top priority,” said Tenna Pershing, Marketing and Community Outreach Director for the Westfield Washington Schools. “We have a long standing commitment to our students, their families, and this community. Preparing for emergencies with our first responders is one example of that commitment.”

Indiana is no stranger to disasters. Just this month, a tornado in southern Indiana reminded us of the dangers of severe weather. How well communities prepare and ready themselves for disasters is the key to staying safe. In Westfield, a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) meets regularly to prepare for a disaster. This team is specially trained by the fire department and play an important role in the safety of the community.

“Here in Westfield, we take public safety very seriously,” said Mayor Andy Cook. “We prepare rigorously for emergencies and our community should rest well knowing that our public safety agencies are ready for the call, whenever that may happen.”

Community members interested in joining the CERT team may contact deputy chief Rob Gaylor at rgaylor@westfield.in.gov.


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